DTH Channel Search India

We help you find tv channel numbers for your dth remote.

Let's get started by selecting your DTH provider.

But why?

To save your last 2 brain cells!

When we have a set-top box containing hundreds of channels, it is hard to remember all your favorite channels at once.

We sort the tv channel list on your recent views so that you can find the channel numbers at your fingertips.

Works offline by default.

You cant google for the channel number when you are offline!

We use PWA techniques to store channel info for offline usage so that you can continue searching and switching the channel when you are offline. Yes! You can verify this by switching off the data/wifi and refreshing the page.

We maintain an up-to-date version of the channel list.

It's not surprising to find outdated versions of channel numbers in online.

We strive to update the list as regularly. Moreover, you can edit/add the entries locally. We will pick these local edits using analytics, validate and apply those to the complete user base.